Counselling and Psychotherapy Services Offered

I am able to provide counselling and psychotherapy service in the following areas:


  • Stress Management – helping you learn how to relax, make your life manageable and face your fears and challenges.
  • Relationships, Work and Personal – helping you understand how you relate to others and improve your communication
  • Crisis Counselling – helping you find support and stability in the midst of turmoil, after or during traumatic events and sudden changes in your life.
  • Depression / Anxiety Management – helping you understand your reactions to upsetting events and gain a perspective on matters that you may find worrying and of concern.
  • Couples Counselling – helping you improve your communication with each other, constructively address difficult issues and rediscover your relationship.
  • Sexual Problems and Difficulties – helping you understand complex sexual concerns and issues for example coping with abuse, sexual orientation, transgender issues, Sex Addiction,( see below ) and developing intimacy in relationships.
  • Confidence Building – helping you find your inner potential to reach your goals, manage personal challenges and build a satisfying life.
  • Bereavement / Loss – supporting you through loss and trauma after the death of a loved one, partner, spouse child, relative, or coping with other major losses, such as redundancy, separation and Divorce. Also coping with changes emerging from life stages, retirement, or children leaving home.
  • Family difficulties – supporting you through difficult family problems and the stresses of family life.
  • Clinical Supervision – As a Practitioner, with many years experience , I can assist you develop your Career as a trainee Counsellor, or   as an established Practitioner .
  • Consultative Support – for Professsionals in stressful occupations, such as the Public Emergency Services, NHS Staff, Social Services, Caring organisations, Homecare teams, Educational Welfare, Human Resources Departments, and all those concerned with the welfare of others who need periodic support to manage the impact of their sensitive work on their professional and personal lives.
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy for Sex Addiction   are you concerned that your sexual behaviour, may be out of control and causing you distress? Are  you worried about your internet use for example, compulsive surfing of porn sites, with concerns about straying into on line illegal territory ?
  • Counselling Support for Partners – for others concerned with another person’s Sexually Compulsive Behaviour ?
  • Internet Addiction – is your use of the internet becoming compulsive and unmanageable , and cause for concern ?
  • Personal Growth and Development – assisting you use a solution focussed therapeutic approach to enable you to reach personal goals and enable positive change in your life, and improve your  wellbeing and happiness.
  • 12 Step Programmes – I am familiar with the “12 step programme” approach to difficulties and am able to offer help and support to those undertaking 12 step programmes to enable their  recovery from addiction and personal growth.
  • And….  Assistance with many  more difficulties, matters  and concerns, not listed above.  Please contact me to discuss your particular needs .