Coronavirus / Covid 19 and Mental Wellbeing

The Global Pandemic has been one of the most significant events affecting our society for many years. Coronavirus has not only affected people’s physical health and economic circumstances, for some it has also had a significant impact on psychological health. Many have experienced anxiety, depression, relationship issues, alcohol and substance misuse, sexual difficulties, loneliness, loss, isolation, disorientation, suicidal ideation, and low self-confidence.

Those who have lost someone due to Coronavirus, have had difficulty coping with the impact of their loss, experiencing an overwhelming sense of grief, because of not being present when a loved one has died, or not attended their funeral. Or they may not have been able to attend a funeral of someone who has died as the result of other circumstances.

The lockdown restrictions on movement, have impacted on psychological well being because of an inability to see and meet friends, family, significant others, thus creating isolation. Overall, the Coronavirus Pandemic for many has generated continued feelings of uncertainty and fear for their future.

The easing of restrictions for some, has created social anxieties as they emerge into a post pandemic world aiming to find their place and move ahead with confidence.

If you have been affected in any way theses ways and need assistance to cope with its effects on your life, or you need to rebuild and increase your self-confidence as lockdown eases and beyond for any personal issue, causing you concern, please do get in touch.